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APCO 1P50 Monday October 22, 2012 Industrial Spies  Use illegal means to obtain trade secrets from competitors  Trade secrets are protected by the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (US)  Competitive intelligence o Uses legal techniques o Gathers information available to the public  Industrial espionage o Uses illegal means o Obtains information not available to the public Cybercriminals  Hack into corporate computers and steal  Engage in all forms of computer fraud  Chargebacks are disputed transactions  Loss of customer trust has more impact than fraud  To reduce potential for online credit card fraud: o Use encryption technology o Verify the address submitted online against the issuing bank o Request a card verification value (CVV) o Use transaction-risk scoring software  Smart cards o Contain a memory chip o Updated with encrypted data each time card is used o Used widely in Europe, not so much in the US Hacktivists and Cyberterrorists  Hacktivism: hacking to achieve political or social goal.  Cyberterrorist: attacks computers or networks in an attempt to intimidate or coerce a government in order to advance certain political or social objectives. o Seeks to cause harm rather than gather information o Uses techniques that destroy or disrupt services Notes continue on next page… APCO 1P50 Monday October 22, 2012 Federal Laws for Prosecuting Computer Attacks Hacking The Law: Catching and Punishing Hackers  1986 Congress passed the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) o Covers gov’t computers, financial and medical systems, activities that involve computers in more than one state, including computers connected to the internet o The USA Patriot Act expanded the definition of loss to include the cost of responding to an attack, assessing damage and restoring systems  Commentary on the law in Canada – can be very vague – doesn’t really explain what fraud is, etc. ( er_crime_673)  A variety of methods for catching hackers o Law enforcement agents read hacker newsletters and participate in chat rooms undercover o They can often track a handle by look
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