ASTR 1P02 Lecture Notes - Main Sequence, Military Medal, Star Formation

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Published on 31 Jan 2013
Monday January 7, 2013
Astro 1p02:
Star formation:
- to find out about the process of star formation one should look at the young
- mass luminosity relation for main sequence stars is L(luminosity)= M*3.5
(mass of a star)
- lifetime of a star = amount of fuel/energy output
- M/L = M/M*3.5 = 1/M*2.5
- The youngest stars are located at the top left corner of the main sequence -
they appear as bluish (high surface temp.) and they have very high
- The observations show that such stars are surrounded by gas and dust of
interstellar material (ISM)
- Gas: 74% by mass is hydrogen (H)
24% by mass is helium (He)
2% by mass is all the other elements
- dust: consists of core and mantle, 10-100nm across (1nm=10*-9 meters)
o core silicate material
o ices of water, ammonia and methane
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