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Nicholas D Vesprini

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Gluconeogenesis and Glycogen MetabolismFebruary1314800 AM GluconeogenesisSynthesis of new glucoseNot the reverse of glycolysisRunning through an independent pathwayThree or four key enzymes that arent in glycolysisNoncarbohydrate precursors are converted to glucoseWere making new glucose instead of making a futile cycleUsing fats and amino acidsoPyruvateoLactateoGlycerol cant really use the whole fatty acid the glycerol is a 3carbon molecules so good to make glucoseoCarbon skeletons of amino acids Mostly occurs in liver of vertebratesHigh energy changes Why have this pathway at allBrain depends exclusively on glucoseRed blood cells only use glucose as source of fuelUnder starvation conditions when no glucose is being brought in from the diet there needs to be a backup pathway to ensure the production of glucose for glycolysisDaily glucose requirements basal activityFor body 160gdayCNS alone uses 120day 75Glycogen stores in body can supply about 190g at most Under ideal situations we have enough glucose for glycolysis Gluconeogenesis in liver and kidney helps maintain glucose level in the blood so that brain and muscle can extract sufficient glucose to meet their metabolic needs When is gluconeogenesis important During starvation conditionsDuring intense metabolic demandWhenever rate of glycolysis exceeds the rate of oxidative metabolism LactateglucoseProteinamino acidsglucose depends on the Rgroup
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