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Amino Acid Metabolism & Metabolic Integration2.docx

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Nicholas D Vesprini

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Amino Acid MetabolismMetabolic IntegrationApril0114800 AM Overview of Amino Acid Metabolism What are amino acids used for Protein synthesisHormone precursorsNeurotransmissionHeme factorsNucleotides mostly the basesCoenzymesEssential amino acidsfrom diet PHILL of MTV Phe His Iso Lys Leu Met Trp Val Nonessential amino acids synthesize them Amino acids converted to common intermediates Alphaketo acid is essentially a naked amino acidAmino acids are precursors of glucose fatty acids ketone bodies Therefore it is a metabolic fuel3 stages of Amino Acid breakdown Deaminationremoval of the amino group to release ammonia or transfer it onto a keto acid Incorporation of ammonia and aspartate nitrogen into urea gets rid of excess nitrogenurea cycleoCan transfer to make glutamine or aspartate Conversion of the amino acid carbon skeleton to common metabolic intermediates How do these amino acid carbon skeletons arise Deamination or transanimation What do we call these amino acid carbon skeletons Alpha keto acid
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