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Nicholas D Vesprini

Review of PhotosynthesisJanuary3114801 AM Discuss when Ea EoaThis E value is like an electronegativity value the ability for a molecule to pick up or drop off electronsNow we are just looking at reactionsBut how do we harness the reduced coenzymesElectrons flow from a donor to acceptorAoxBredAredBoxWe can measure Eo redox potential at std conditions pH 7 1M in VThe redox potential is how much does it want an electronMeasuring redox potential is essentially the voltage between two half reactionsExample O22e2HH2O Eo0815NAD2eHNADH Eo0320Ok remember redox potential is how much does it want an electronSo which will accept and which will donate electronsWe are making things that want to give off electrons cofactors so they give them away to oxygen which wants to get the electrons this couples to release of protons which drives ATP We write the reactions in terms of reductionsWater will be more likely accept electrons from NADH Lets couple the reactions O2 H2O E is ve e acceptor leftright NADHNAD ve so e donor rightleft HO2NADHNAD H2O Notes The values should be looked up in table for standard Eo Also write out in the direction of full reactionTaking electrons away vs dumping electrons onOverall ReactionHO2NADHNAD H2OO22e2HH2O Eo0815NAD2eHNADH Eo0320 oo EE acceptorEo donor0815 0320
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