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Nicholas D Vesprini

Sucrose and Starch Synthesis BCHM 3P01January3014756 AM Glycosidic BondsAllows for multiple subunits to be joined togetherMonosaccharides are joined to other monosaccharides or to alcohols and Amines through glycosidic bonds Form through a condensation reactionOH group at anomeric C of sugarOH group of alcohol which may be alcohol in sugar or NH2 group of Amine like in an amino acidTwo types of glycosidic bondsOglycosidic bond oxygen is the linker between the sugars Fig 119Nglycosidic bond nitrogen is the linker between the sugarsExamples DNA RNA ATP glycoproteins signaling and recognition between neighbouring cells DisaccharidesLinkage of the two monosacchariedes by an Oglycosidic bondMaltoseMade of 2 glucose unitsAlphamonomeric form of Con one glucose joined to hydroxyl oxygen of Cof 1 4 the second form also in the alpha formAlpha 14 glycosidic bondKnow the structures of glucose and fructose and how to draw them the structures tell you when the energy is releasedLactoseBetaDgalactose and BetaDglucoseGlycosidic linkage called beta 14Look at C to determine whether or not its alpha or beta1Difference between pasta and tree bark depends on thisSucroseAlphaDglucose and betadfructoseGlucose alpha 12 fructose glycosidic bondIts linking to C of fructose take note of that2Start of glycogen synthesis PolysaccharidesLarge polymeric oligosaccahrides formed by linkage of multiple monosaccharides used for energy storage and to maintain structural integrity in an organismMost of the time these are made up of glucoseCelluloseUnbranched polymer of DglucoseKind of in a linear fashion
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