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Nicholas D Vesprini

Fatty Acid MetabolismMarch2014754 AMLarge carboxyllic acid groups Saturated vs unsaturated More soluble in MeOH or chloroform than in water Saturated0 double bonds Unsaturated1 double bond Polyunsaturated1 double bondAlmost always the double bonds in fatty acids are cisUsually between C9 and C10 This results in a kink in the chain causing unsaturated fFatty acids to not pack well and causes a decrease In mp and increase in fluidity Margarine has more unsaturation hence lower mp than butter How do we name fatty acidsWe start at the carboxyl carbon then alphabeta and end in wFor position of double bond we use DSo for C9C10 double bond we say cis D9If C9C10 and C12C13Ciscis D9 D12 Finally protonation statePalmitic vs palmitate Generally fatty acids dont exist by themselvesIn ester form by reacting with triglycerolFatssolid oils liquid plants vs animals TryglyercolsThese are very concentrated energy storageCan allow us to last 23 months oTriacyl glycerol37kJg dry weightoCarbohydrate16 kJg dry weightoProtein17kJg dry weightWhy is this Recall our earlier discussionsoCan be oxidizedMore reduced the C more energy released by its oxidationAlso fats are stored in anhydrous form as opposed to glycogen for example which binds twice its weightof water Roles of fatty acidsThese are structurally versatile moleculesoBuilding blocks of phospholipids membranesoCovalent attachment to proteins in order to attach them to membranesHormones and secondary messengersFUELob oxidations
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