BIOL 1F25 Lecture Notes - Repressor, Zone Of Polarizing Activity, Morphogen

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Published on 30 Jan 2013
Limb Development
Timeline –
buds appear at 26d – somites 8-12
lower buds at 28d – somites 24-29
complete at 56d
Embryological Origins of limb components:
skin = surface ectoderm
melanocytes = NCC
sensory neurons = NCC
motor neurons = neural tube
myotome (somites) = muscle
somatic lateral plate mesoderm + ectoderm = limb buds
(bones, tendons, ligaments, dermis)
AER – apical ectodermal ridge
divides limb bud into dorsal-ventral
transplanted ectoderm can form new AER
induced by mesenchyme
**both need to be functioning for proper limb-bud development
PROGRESS ZONE – actively dividing cells adjacent to AER
mesenchyme here determines proximal/distal patterning
“rejacketing experiments” – late mesenchyme + early cap
only distal elements form
**age of mesenchyme determines proximal/distal fate**
Progress Zone
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