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BIOL 1F25 - Lec 10

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Brock University
Nicholas D Vesprini

Lecture 10 Memory Consolidation -formation and gradual strengthening of long-term memories How do memories get from short to long term? 1. Not merely time 2. Build meaningful links 3. Repetition (most effective when distributed over time; massed vs spaced training) Enhancement and impairment of consolidation: 1. Evaluation of importance: >evaluation of something as exciting or important can enhance its consolidation >exciting experience releases adrenaline >evidence: adrenaline can enhance memory consolidation -however excessive adrenaline can also be detrimental; people in a panic may often have trouble remembering details -adrenaline helps enhance memory not by acting directly on synapses in the brain but by raising levels of glucose in the blood and thus making it available to the brain Glucose -evidence that high glucose can facilitate memory: >injection of glucose shortly after an experience enhances memory of it >animals that eat after a learning trial learn faster too >tested human memory using list of words; 25g of glucose given before or after learning showed enhanced memory Rewards and Incentives -recent study (2011) claims that money enhances memory consolidation, but only for boring material -tested 45 undergrad students assigned to no money and money reward groups; given trivia questions; tested on half of questions immediately and other half a week later (delayed test) -money reward group tested better than no money group but only on the delayed test -if someone is interested in the learning material monetary rewards are a waste of money Sleep and Memory Consolidation -sleep benefits memory consolidation (known since 1924); hippocampus thought to play main role of memory processes during sleep -Diekelmann et al (2009): processing and storing information might not be able to occur i
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