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Sept25. TTX & STX

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Gaynor E Spencer

BIO 1F25 September 25/2013 Continuation of Monday... When these channels are blocked by a toxin, action potentials cannot travel down the first axon, nerve firing fails and nerves cannot transmit messages to .. Muscles, Diaphragm, lungs and other vital organs. Puffer fish and TTX: Considered delicacy in Japan and can be up to $400 US per meal. Consumption of meat produces a pleasant warm tingling. BUT “it’s a terrible death” a Japanese cook said “although you can think clearly you cannot speak or move and soon cannot breathe. Symptoms can occur 15 minutes to several hours after ingestion Initial symptoms: Tingling of tongue and mouth. Death can occur within 4-6 hours, typically from respiratory muscle paralysis. There is no proven antidote. Activated charcoal minimizes absorption of toxin. About 60% of puffer positioning is proven fatal. The amount in one fish is proven to have enough toxin to kill 30 people. It is about 1250 times more deadly than cyanide. TTX is heat stable. Puffer fish has a change in the protein sequence of NA channel, which is highly resistant to TTX. Q. Where else is TTX found? A. California Newts, Gastropod molluscs, skin of antelope frogs, some species of eastern salamander, and the eggs of horseshoe
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