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Transcription and mRNA Modification

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Adonis Skandalis

Transcription 5 to 3 3 is the last nucleotide added polymerization adds phosphate that provides ATP energy 50100 nucleotides per seconds genes exons introns and cooling regions gene expressiongene transcriptions promoter allow access to genesignals the beginning at the unwinding area we find a lot of TATA by convention a gene location class one is where a transcription starts 1 is the first nucleotide copied into mRNA after one are positive numbers before one are the negative numbers upstream from where the first nucleotide is downstream is anything after the 1 which has positive numbers this is where transcription occurs up and down are relative to the number 1 The transcript is always given 5 to 3 direction coding to the template strand sense nonnonsense is the template strand pluscodingsense transcription creates a primary transcript heterogeneous nuclear RNA hnRNA is the unprocessed mRNA minus 10 area is TATA box The Core Promoter defines the beginning of the coding regionsTranscription in Eukaryotes DNAdependant RNA polymerase DNAdependant DNA polymerase RNAdependant RNA polymerase RNA polymerase Itranscribes 58s 18s 28s rRNAs RNA polymerase IImRNA to protein RNA polymerase III 5s mRNA and tRNA polymerase II is responsible for protein transcription from mRNA RNA polymerase II promoter is present at the beginning of the gene Innitiator sequence Inr at start point TATA box at minus 25 base pairs TATA plus initiatorcore promoter transcription factors bind to TATA box plus one position is usually an adenine A around it there will be pyramidins C or T transcription factors combine with RNA polymerase to form a preinitiation complex at genecore promoter sequences when nucleotides available complex will initiate transcription open core promoter complex will tighly bind with DNA at the transcriptions start site TATAbindingprotein
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