BIOL 2P03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Cofilin, Secretion, Integrin

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Cell Organizaon and Movement: Microlaments II
Cellular contents oen need to be moved from one locaon of the cell to another
Endocyc vesicles transported to lysosomes
Exocytoc vesicles transported to plasma membrane
Duplicated chromosomes transported to opposite poles of cell during mitosis
Cells can also move through their environment
Immune cells migrang to regions containing micro-organisms
Fibroblasts migrang to injured ssues
The cytoskeleton plays an important role in cell movement
Microlament assembly/disassembly can be used to cellular structures that are a(ached to F-
Microlaments and microtubules are also used as tracks for motor proteins
These motor proteins move along microlaments and microtubules to transport their
Microlaments II: Movement of Cellular Cargo by Acn-based Motor Proteins
Myosin is a motor protein associated with the microlament system of the cytoskeleton
Myosin can bind to acn and uses energy from ATP hydrolysis to move acn laments
Myosin is a mulmeric protein consisng of heavy and light chains
Each myosin heavy chains contains
A head region that is able to bind to acn and ATP/ADP and possesses an intrinsic ATPase
A tail region that determines what cargo can be carried and helps form myosin dimers
A neck region bound to myosin light chains
Myosin-based Movement
Myosin uses ATP hydrolysis to fuel the movement of acn in a dened sequence of events
Myosin that is not bound to ADP/ATP is ghtly bound to F-acn
When ATP binds to myosin, it releases F-acn
ATP is then hydrolyzed which causes the myosin head to extend away from the tail region
cocked’ posion
The myosin head, now containing ADP and Pi, binds to acn
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