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EXCESS/RISE IN CORE BODY TEMP BY INCREASING HEAT LOSS/REDUCING HEAT PRODUCTION  Receptors in hypothalamus detect increase in core temp/temp of blood  Heat loss centre stimulated  VASODILATION of arterioles  Arterioles leading to capillaries in the skin dilate (expand)  SHUNT VESSELS CONSTRICT  More blood flows to skin surface (capillaries) / heat loss by RADIATION  Heat loss by EVAPORATION of sweat / by using energy o High(er) rate of sweating leads to a low(er) skin temp  VOLUNTARY CENTRE: remove clothing / seek cooler area / cold drink IMG 7-16-11 The Role of Temperature Receptors in the Skin  Hypothalamus detects temp fluctuation inside the body/internal environment  Skin receptors detect temp changes in external environment  Information is sent by nerves to voluntary centres of the brain o Voluntary activities (jogging, moving into a shade) are initiated o Changes behaviour of human The Structure and Role of the Skin in Temp Regulation  Surface area is very large and in direct contact to external environment  Skin is divided into two layers: outer epidermis and inner dermis  MALPIGHIAN layer is the boundary between these two layers o Cells of this layer divide repeatedly by mitosis o Older cells are pushed towards the surface/EPIDERMIS o Cytoplasm of old cells becomes full of granules / cells die o Cells become converted into scales of keratin (waterproof) 
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