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Male Reproductive Histology

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Jenny Janke

Histology—Male Reproductive System I. Testes a. Terms i. Tunica Vaginalis—caivty surrounding each testis ii. Pampiniform Plexus—convoluted arteries supplying testes which are convoluted around the testicular veins => countercurrent temperature exchange iii. Tunica Albuginia—dense fibrous connective tissue; protective layer iv. Lobuli testis—each testis is subdivided into ~250 lobules composed of 1- 4 seminiferous tubules b. Seminiferous tubule i. basal lamina—ensheaths each seminiferous tubule ii. peritubular myoid cell—responsible for rhythmic contraction of ST => movement of immotile, immature sperm iii. Sertoli cells—non-dividing tall columnar cells; “nurse” cells; each surrounds ~50 adjacent spermatogenic cells; sensitive to FSH 1. fxns—coordination of spermatogenesis, production of testicular fluid, formation of brain-testes barrier iv. Leydig cells 1. secrete testosterone in response to LH 2. sit in connective tissue between seminiferous tubules v. Cells 1. Spermatogoinium—proliferate & give rise to new stem cells 2. Spermatocytes—go from 4n  2n (haploid) 3. Spermatids—(1n) 4. Spermatozoa—immature sperm vi. Spermatogenesis 1. 3 steps—spermatocytogenesis (production of spermatocytes from undifferentiated diploid precursor cells); meiosis, spermiogenesis 2. Takes 64-74 days for spermatogenesis to take place 3. spermiogenesis—transformation undergone by haploid spermatids; includes acrosomal formation, nuclear condensation, & tail formation a. acrosome—specialized compartment derived from golgi for egg penetration & fertilization vii. Cycle of seminiferous tubule 1. D
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