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Lecture 47

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Dirk De Clercq

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Outline of Lecture 47 (03-11 A; Hendry) Cerebellum I Contains all basic info from Lab 10 – Cerebellum as well! 0. Introduction - Basic circuit is a loop between cerebral cortex, basal ganglia/cerebellum, and thalamus, with modulating input at second item - Anterior, posterior, flocculonodular lobes ; primary and posterolateral fissures - Vermis, paravermis, lateral hemispheres I. VESTIBULOCEREBELLUM - Vestibulocerebellum = flocculonodular lobe - Input: vestibular nuclei and Scarpa’s (vestibular) ganglion - Output: vestibular nuclei to control head/eye movements (eg VOR) - Clinical signs: impaired vestibular function, poor eye control, nystagmus II. SPINOCEREBELLUM - Spinocerebellum = vermis + paravermis - Vermis  fastigial nucleus, paravermis  interposed nuclei - Input - Clarke’s nucleus (via dorsal spinocerebellar tract) and lateral cuneate nucleus (via cuneocerebellar tract) provide ipsilateral muscle spindle - Ventral spinocerebellar tract (deep tendon receptors) - Reticular formations via spinal input - Output - Vermis  fastigial nucleus  pontine reticular formation for extensor  - Paravermis  interposed nuclei  red nucleus, VL thalamus for motor function - Clinical signs - Cerebellar hypotonia: reduced muscle tone due to reduced deep nuclei a
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