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Lecture 35

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Dirk De Clercq

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Outline of Lecture 35 (03-03 B; Hsiao) Somatosensory II I. Organizational principles of somatosensation - Modalities - For example, proprioception (body position), mechanoreception, pain, itch, temperature, stereognosis (3D form), muscle force - Information processing: spatial vs. temporal processing - Somatotopy: mapping of body surface to set of neurons - Cortical magnification: defined as cortex area/body area, highest for face, hand, feet and lowest for back - Area 3a: proprioception (muscles and joint angle) - Area 3b: spatial temporal acuity (SA1 form and texture, RA1 grip control) - Area 1: texture (SA, RA, PC) - Area 2: stereognosis - Columnar organization - Columns in cerebral cortex about 500 μm wide usually have same modality and receptive field (e.g. in 1° visual system, alternating columns) - Plasticity - Plasticity: amputation causes changes in somatotopic map in SI - Descending control - Attention somehow af
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