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Lecture 72

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Dirk De Clercq

Outline of Lecture 72 (03-31 A; Schramm) Peripheral Autonomic Nervous System I. The sympathetic NS is distributed to more tissues than is the parasympathethic NS - The parasympathethic NS innervates glands and some thoracic and abdominal viscera - The parasympathethic NS is noticeably absent from all limb and body wall vasculature II. The symp. and parasymp. NSs tend to have opposite effects on dually-innervated effector tissues - Analogous to muscle agonist/antagonist pairs, symp/parasymp are reciprocally coordinated - Example of symp/parasymp effects on cardiac pacemaker cells - Parasymp - Vagal (parasymp) stimulation immediately ↓depol. rate and hyperpol. the cell - Mediated by ACh: ↓Na and Ca influx and ↑K outflux - Symp - Symp stimulation causes ↑in depol. rate and heart rate after a few seconds - Mediated by NE: ↑Na and Ca influx only III. Actions of autonomic nxt are conferred by nature and location of the nxt’s receptors - Cholinergic receptors - There are 5 types of muscarinic receptors, including M1 (ganglia), M2 (heart), M3 (smooth muscle, secretory glands) - There are nicotinic receptors as well (ganglia, adrenal medulla) - Adrenergic receptors - αreceptors cause contraction of vascular smoo
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