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Lecture 63

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Dirk De Clercq

Outline of Lecture 63 (03-26 A; Connor) Visual System I – Central Visual Pathways I. Optic nerve and tract - Axons in the optic nerve cross at the optic chiasm so that each optic tract represents the contralateral visual field - There are three major visual pathways: 1) optic tract  LGN  primary visual cortex (higher visual processing) 2) optic tract  superior colliculus (saccades) 3) optic tract  pretectum (pupillary light reflex) I. Lateral Geniculate Nucleus (LGN) - Visuotopic map: central retina  posterior LGN, peripheral retina  anterior LGN - LGN is made of 6 layers: magnocellular 1,2 and parvocellular 3-6 - Ipsilateral retina maps to layers 2,3,5 (prime!) and contralateral to 1,4,6 - LGN neurons have receptive fields that resemble on- and off-center ganglion cells - Intralaminar cells respond to blue light only, may be responsible for color II. LGN to primary visual cortex - LGN projects dorsally to V1 in the occipital lobe with inferior-superior inversion with respect to visual field - Columns in LGN project to same part area of V1 (recall that layer 4 receives thalamic input) - Parvocellular  layers 4Cβ and 4A in cortex
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