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Outline of Lecture 05 Heart

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Dirk De Clercq

Outline of Lecture 05 Heart I. Structure of outer layer (coelomic spaces) - Coelomic sacs are cavities, lined by parietal and visceral serosa, and normally containing only serous fluid - Mesentery is the apposition of two serosal membranes, supporting an organ or gut - Pericardium is the coelomic sac around the heart Fibrous pericardium Serous pericardium Parietal pericardium Visceral pericardium (aka epicardium) Pericardial cavity II. Structures of the Heart A. Right Atrium Inlet vessels (3): inferior vena cava, superior vena cava, coronary sinus Crista terminalis Right auricle Musculi pectinate (aka pectinate muscles) ( primitive atrium) Sinus venarum Interatrial septum Fossa ovalis ( foramen ovale) SA and AV nodes Tricuspid valve ( right ventricle) B. Right Ventricle Conus arterious (aka infundibulum) ( pulmonary trunk) Trabeculae carneae Septaomarginal trabeculae (aka moderator band) ( anterior papillary muscle) Papillary muscles Anterior papillary  anterior and posterior cusps of tricuspid Posterior papillary  posterior and septal cusps of tricuspid Septal papillary  anterior and septal cusps of tricuspid Chordae tendineae Pulmonary valve ( pulmonary trunk  lungs  pulmonary veins  left atrium) C. Left Atrium Left auricle ( pectinate muscles) Valvule of foramen ovale Bicuspid valve (aka mitral valve) ( left ventricle) Anterior and posterior cusps D. Left Ventricle Trabeculae carnae Papillary muscles Chordae tendinae Aortic valve (contrast structure/function with atrioventricular va
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