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Lecture 01 Synovial

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Dirk De Clercq

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Outline of Lecture 01 Synovial Joints, Hip 0. Overview of joint types A. Fibrous: low mobility fibrous connective tissue B. Cartilaginous: some mobility hyaline cartilage, fibrocartilage C. Synovial: high mobility several components, below I. Introduction to Synovial Joints A. Components 1. Constant - bone, hyaline cartilage, synovial membrane/cavity/fluid, fibrous capsule - Synovial cavity has no blood supply; nourished by synovial fluid, slow to heal 2. Optional - fibrocartilage (deepen cavity, promote sliding): labrum, disk, meniscus - fat pad - intracapsular tendon (does not actually contact synovial fluid) - bursa(e) (facilitate movement of tendons over joint, independent or connected) B. Joint motions - Flexion/extension: flexor is anterior, extensor is posterior - Abduction/adduction: abductor is lateral, adductor is medial - Rotation: internal rotator is anterior, external rotator is posterior II. Review of Pelvis (See also Lecture 11 on Pelvis and Perineum from thorax/abdomen) A. Bones
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