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Lecture 26

BIOL 2P98 Lecture Notes - Lecture 26: Thyroid, Pituitary Gland, Anterior Pituitary

Biological Sciences
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Lecture 8
The spinal cord
- Fig 14.1
- Possible queson: How many nerves are there?
Need to know they are distributed
Know the grey and white ma'er
Need to know from C1-S4
Arteries involved in the circle of Willis: Know the two major arteries
The Endocrine system
Main point:
- The endocrine system regualates body funcons via the release of hormones into the vascular
- Feedbacks mechanisms plays a crical role in endocrine e0cacy
- The endocrine system is primarily via the pituitary gland
- Endocrine glands are distributed throughout the body
Fig 19.1
Feedback mechanism
- Feedback controls the rate of a process to avoid accumulaon of a product
-Synthesis and release of most hormones regulated by negave feedback
Pituitary gland
- Neurohypohysis
-Pars nervosa
- Adenohypophysis
-Pars intermediaposterior lobe
-Pars diastalis anterior lobe
- Pars tuberllia anterior lobe
Possible queson: Know which enzyme that are released by lobe of pituitary gland
Pituitary gross anatomy Fig 19.2
Hypothalamic control 19.2
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