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Form & Function in an Animal Cell and Experimental Approaches in Cell Physiology.docx

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Brock University
Jeff Stuart

FormFunction in an Animal Cell and Experimental Approaches in Cell PhysiologyJanuary1014927 AMChapter 1The Cell Form and FunctionNucleus contains DNA organized in the chromosomesChromosomes wrapped around histone proteinsDifferent cells use different genes house keeping genes in all cellsCells use about 10 of the genome depends on the type of cells and the physiological stateA lot of the genome is dormantWhat type of cells are replicating the bodyoStem cells are only a little bitoEpithelial cellsoHeart cells neural cells muscle cells So in the cell the nucleus is only really performing transcription and not replicating informationWhat is a eukaryotic geneoIntrons and exonsIntrons are the nonsense parts of the genes that are not included after splicingExons carry the coding information You dont always get the same mRNA from a gene alternative splicingCommon in mammals but not really anywear elsePurpose of alternative splicingIf you did need 1 gene per protein you need more information and more work to contain the genomeKnowing where the protein needs to get is in the nterminus of the protein itselfNot fully understoodStored in certain exonsIsoforms of the same proteinWhat goes on in the nucleusBig structureDouble membrane but porousHow does mRNA exit the nucleus
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