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Child and Youth Studies
Rebecca Raby

1 Feb. 12 and 14, 2013 Lecture 6: Global inequality and globalization Outline I/ Global diversity and inequality II/ Child work in global context III/ Maternal and child health IV/ Global economic policy V/ What we can conclude Main points -There are global differences in understandings and experiences of young people -Global inequality contributes to such differences and directly affects young people’s lives -Children’s lives are shaped by local and global political and economic decisions. I/ Global diversity and inequality A) Religion and culture E.g. Burr’s work on Vietnam (2006) E.g. USA and the CRC E.g. “In Africa we carry our children so they feel loved” (The Guardian Weekly, 2004) B) Geography C) Internal inequalities -within nations -within families D) Global inequalities: across nations 1. Global income distribution: Charts 2 These figures are from Ortiz and Cummins (2011). “Global Inequality: Beyond the bottom billion” for UNICEF. 2) Global income distribution: 3 From The Hungry Planet (2005) by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio Read more:,29307,1626519,00.html#ixzz 1lcd41wBw 3) Globalization Global flow of capital and commodities Regulated movement of people Tourism Adoption Overseas and migrant workers Immigration and refugees afghanistan-children europe images/Guardian/Pix/pixies/2012/1/26/1327584761342/Afghan-child-refugees-001.jpg Policies, eg CRC Global inequality Global flow of information Cultural influence Environmental issues II/ Child work in a global context A) General differences between industrialized nations and the global south -Child work more common in global south -Link to poverty -Link to demand for cheap labour -Lack of supported education 4 B) E.g. Boudillon, M. 2005. “Working Children in Zimbabwe” Child labour vs work Diversity of children’s work The African Charter on the Rights of the Child Similar issues in m
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