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Lecture 2

CHILD AND YOUTH lecture 2 :)

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Child and Youth Studies
Lauren Mc Namara

CHYS 1F90Lecture 2CHYS 1F90Lecture 2Dr J McNamaraDr J McNamaraFall 2011Fall 2011Foundations of DevelopmentFoundations of DevelopmentKailBarnfield 2009Bronfenbrenner 1994Lecture OverviewLecture OverviewRoles of theoriesTheories and viewpoints in developmental psychologyHow theories of development are appliedWhat is a TheoryWhat is a TheoryA set of concepts and propositions that describe organize and explain a set of observationsWhat makes a theory goodMust be the least complex explanationMust be able to be testedMust predict future behaviourFundamental Issues in Developmental TheoriesFundamental Issues in Developmental TheoriesNature vs Nurture debateAn interaction Its an interaction of biology and environmentOverviewOverviewTheories and viewpoints in developmental psychologyBiological theories of developmentPsychodynamic theoriesLearningbased theoriesCognitiveDevelopmental theoryContextual theoriesPsychoanalytic TheoriesPsychoanalytic TheoriesFreuds Psychosexual TheoryFreuds Psychosexual TheoryConflict of individuals instinct and societal norms for behaviourThree components of personalityId he thought humans had a basic instinctthe Id wants want it wants Ie the joker is an adult version of an Id he did want he want with no careEgo sense of balance the middle ground between Id and SuperegoSuperego this force that understands morals that are right and wrong and controls the IdInner ConflictInner ConflictBetween IdEgoSuperegoPsychoanalytic TheoriesPsychoanalytic TheoriesFreuds stages of psychosexual developmentStages propose shifts in focus on parts of bodyOral birth1 yearexploration with their mouthsthumbsuckingAnal 13 yearsbegins to exhibit some control over themselves Phallic 36 yearsbecomes aware of the difference bw girlsboysLatency 6 11 yearsdevelops an egoGenital 12 onwardhormone development
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