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Child and Youth Studies
John Mc Namara

Child and Youth Studies CHYS 1F90
 Dr. J. McNamara Fall/Winter 2010 APA Style • Use the purdue owl site from sakai • No abstract needed • What IS needed o Tittle page o Running head o Page numbers o Proper citation within text o Proper reference page • Don’t use quotations! Paraphrase! • Everything needs to be in reference page. Exception: personal communication; in • Everything needs to be in reference page. Exception: personal communication; in text but not on reference page, e.g. lecture • Can use journal articles, textbooks, websites MIX IT UP! Make it a strong paper! General Guidelines • You may write in first person o Avoid being too anecdotal (not too many “I found that…” or “I believe that…” • You may use subheadings or sections • You should have an introduction with a thesis of some sort • You should have a strong conclusion • Don’t’s put WE! • Introduction: what is the paper going to be about Getting started • Design an outline (important) • Design your sections • Think about the important points you want to have in each section • • Do not search for articles until your outline in complete • Begin writing the sections • Pay attention to flow Example: Intro – Imp. Neuro ECD - Definition - Relate to ECD - Examples - Examples Section 1 – what is neuto. Plt. - Define Why is it imp. To ECD? - Example/ explain Examples Conclusion Start research – find definitions (use google scholar)  Early Child Development and Health Developmental Health What do we already know about ECD? • Brains are plastic, developing to its peek • Healthy environment prenatally is an imp. Thing • SES has a large impact on how well these kids are going to do The mismatch between research and policy in ECD Critical Periods for Synaptogenesis Social Determinants of Health • The social and economic under which people live that determine their health • SES • Education • Relationships • Government • Policies • Etc. The Importance of SES The Gradient Effect • A strong and consistent association between socioeconomic status and a variety of development and health outcomes throughout the life-course • Impact how healthy we are as a country, individual Relationship between Literacy Skills and Socio-Economic Status for Youth • The gradient effect shows that the less income there is the more healthy a country  is Look at what is needed to become a healthy adult • Higher university degree required • Jobs getting more complex Change in Cognitive Complexity of Jobs, 1971 to 1991 Threats to well being of children • Increase in Child Abuse - Causes of Brain Injury • Suicides • Literacy Disparity The gradient effect and well being of children • Children Living in Low-Functioning Families • Chil
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