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Child and Youth Studies
Rebecca Raby

1CHYS 1F90Lecture 2Jan 19thWeek 2 Constructing ChildhoodMain pointsThere are diverse and sometimes conflicting beliefs about childhoodThere are implications to various beliefs about childhoodDiscourse is a concept used to understand childhood as a social construct What makes someone a childImagination innocence age carefree exploration dependency strivingfor independence curiosityI Innocent child vs adult like childA Defining innocenceConnected to a certain imagination carefree attitude playfulness AsexualLinked up with magicBeing outside of market relations Talking about childhood as separate and no in junction with production and consumption work Adults seem to be missing this and long for it You lose it as you grow upB HistoryLink to EnlightenmentJean Jacques RousseauAlthough modesty is natural to man it is not natural to children Modesty only begins with the knowledge of evilHe believed that children are born good and innocent and society corrupts a childExpansion to middle and working classesCSome consequences or effects Protection versus participation because children are so innocent Laws for seatbelts drinking age laws against abuse etc Particular concerns for children as victims but not to adults because we want to protect their innocence Childrens participation in society has been cut down due to concerns about protection How do you prepare a child for the world Exploit them to mature things or keep them from it Eg general vulnerability victimhood participationMeasured lenience Children are not treated the same as adults ex Court of law In Canada when you turn 12 that is when you gain criminal responsibilities for your actionsIdealized Children endure hardships getting voice heard neglected separation etc Threat of having been sexualized images of young children being usedD ComplicatedInnocence and ConsumptionUsing innocence as a marketing tool In order to sell products to adults Thomas argues that children dont learn much under the age of 2 years old except that they are watching television and brands ex Sesame Street Barney They essentially learn the brands too branding
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