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Child and Youth Studies
Rebecca Raby

1Feb 2 2012Week 4 Constructing YouthMain pointsAdolescence teenager and youth are distinct yet overlapping conceptsAdolescence and teenagehood are often pathologizedThere are different perspectives explaining adolescence teenager and youth Sociocultural theorists tend to see these as contextspecific social concepts Do youth adolescence and teenager refer to a stage of life that was already there waiting to be discovered or explainedOr do they refer to a stage of life created within a certain contextI Defining termsYouth linked to official age range 1234 In Ontario its referred to as 1424 Royal bank ranges it from 1525AdolescenceEarly 20th century first used to refer to young people around 1018Concerns about young peopleConcerns about future of nation young people thought about as representing the future Rise in psi discipline psychology sociology etc Interested in studying populations particularly in students attending schooling Stanley G Hall prominent psychologist Published book called adolescence and was a key way to remember young peopleEmbedded in the individual talked about adolescence not as a group of peopleBut as a conceptidea Problemdifficult source of the problem was not seen socially as much as it was seen in the individual Sexuality as concern he was concerned about teens having sexual urges and advocated the need to suppress these urges and sublimate them into studies There were also about masculinity his work focused a lot on boys and the beginnings of the boy scouts movement He had the desire to make sure that the nation was creating manly men Teenagehood first started introducing idea of a teenager in mid 1930s Post World War 2 at this time teens had significant work jobs in the home and outside the home They had a lot of freedom When the war ended there was concern about this freedom they had There was a push for domesticity in the home due to threat of communism and sexuality that was to corrupt the young people Desire to control young people
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