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Child and Youth Studies
Rebecca Raby

1CHYS 1F90Mar 89Lecture 8Racialization and educationMain pointsSchools play a role in both challenging and creating inequality Culture ethnicity and race are distinct and shifting terms Young peoples lives are shaped by culture ethnicity and race sometimes with difficult consequences including dealing with inequality and racism in schoolsVarious movements challenge the schools reproduction of inequalitiesI SchoolingA Schools and equalitySkill development and credentials helps kids of different backgrounds get ahead early to benefit them in the future Encountering diversity perpetuate equality because they challenge inequality teaching children about diversity and how different people do different things differentlyB Socialization and societyReproducing culture singing the national anthem every morning praying celebrating events Halloween etc are ways culture is taught through the schoolHidden curriculum things we learn in school are not really overt Manners socialization obedience putting hand up to talk teacher sits at front of class They are taught how to live in particular environmentDominant norms the culture that they teach tends to be the dominant culture and values of the society C Schools and inequality1Social reproduction theoryBowles and Gintis 1976 Schooling in Capitalist Americaa classicSchools in North America are really about reproducing a class hierarchy Arguments that schools produce both inequality and equality equallyGrooming students for certain kinds of work Streaming middleupperclass kids are the ones critically thinking and becoming entrepreneurs business owners etcEg 1Barman Jean Schooled for InequalityThe Education of British Columbia Aboriginal Children from Histories of Canadian Children and Youthshe looks at British Columbia schooling Part of the reason for schooling is to make the children like white Anglophone children They were being streamed and only taught skills that would lead to them being farmers maids cooks etc Eg 2 military recruiting in US inner city schoolsIts been found that there are American schools that have military recruitments centers There is pattern that these centers are usually in poorer schools with nonwhite members StreamingSorting procedures
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