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Lecture 5

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Child and Youth Studies
Rebecca Raby

1Feb 910 2012Week 5Children and youth as producers and consumersOutlineIChildren and workIIYoung people and work in CanadaIIICommodification of childhoodIVChildren as consumersMain pointsIdealized childhood is complicated by processes of production and consumptionThere are diverse and culturally specific distinctions between what is considered acceptable and unacceptable work for childrenChildhood itself is commodifiedIChildren and workWhat are some examples of work that young people do that you feel okay about What are some examples that you feel uncomfortable withAChildhood outside market relationsreviewPublicprivate spheresInnocent childhoodOther discourses of childhoodBAcceptable child work early job to gain the experienceworking can be part of growingAs trainingLink to rite of passageLink to becomingWhen is work educational and when is it exploitativeAs vital contributionvital in single income householdsDomestic labourLabour within familiesfarming is vital in domestic labourPaid workChild as beingCExploitationLink to innocence protection and becomingMiningmust be 18 or older to work underground1Legislated provincially14 is general
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