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Lecture 6

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Child and Youth Studies
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Anthony Volk

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CHYS 2P10thDecember 9 2013 118 MC questions Definitions and application are important EXAM PREP Notes on second half of the material Lecture 6 intelligenceIntelligence how people act and think mental activities that are necessary for adaptation and shaping their environmentPsychometric Approach describes intelligence as a trait factor or mental ability that the individual has to offerThe most general factor g factor general intelligenceGeneral intelligence includes verbal spatial speed of processing and memory all these contribute to how high a persons IQ level isResearched and founded by Charles Spearmen 19401950sDominant mechanism that influences the task2 main factors of gfactor fluid abilities1 Fluid g learn new things biologically determined2 Crystal g previous knowledge experience dependent peaks at age 50 has a broader rangeBoth of these are influenced by mental speedshort term how fast can think and working memory how well your ideas are in detail long termEx mental speed would be how witty and good a person can make come backs when talking to others or teasing someone where the working memory could be after those situations the person thinks of something awesome they should of saidSecond term Spearmen measured was specific intelligenceThis is unique abilitiesskills that are included and required during a testEx one test 10apples5apples where a test that uses specific intelligence could include having 10 apples take 1 away 1 had a worm in it 2 were eaten an one dropped how many leftMental ages persons mental ability expressed as an ageFor every person IQ level IQage mental age IQ intelligence quotient measures how smart people areHow to measure IQStandard Alfred Binet intelligence scale estimateIQ age divided by 100This is measured by deviation This is based on a normal curve with an average of 100 and SD standard deviation of 15 numbers on graph go up by 15 60130
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