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Child Development

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Child and Youth Studies
Anthony Volk

3 Child Development Monday September 27 2010 1020 AM ExamOct 18thMultiplePDFs articles have been posted for the seminar presentations Read your opponents articles to see what things you could ask them and to find what they may ask you At least 1 extra article but can have as many as you want Social ContextInfluences of Microsystems on each other BioEcological TheoryStart with a core of the child then the outside is the immediate environmentyThen there is a social and economic context school city Then broader cultural context Ontarians Africans etc EcosystemSocial environmental and governmental forces that indirectly influence the individual MesosystemInfluences of Microsystems on each other MicrosystemPeople and objects in the immediate environment Choronosystemhow it changes over time Macrosystem Subcultures and cultures in which the other three systems are imbedded Evolutionary Developmental ScienceBreadth and scope of theoryNothing in Biology makes sense except in the light of EvolutionyEvolution is the only unifying scientific theory in the study of lifeyObservational methodology gives very contextual and highly valid datay What is EvolutionEvolution is a theory that explains the diversity and function of all living thingsyEvolution is a theory but so is electricity or gravityyEvolution is the most powerful and widely accepted theory in biologyy Religious ConflictSamuel Wilberforce vs TH HuxleyyWas it from your mothers side or your fathers side that you were descended from an apeyReligion did accommodate Darwin to some extenty o Many religious leaders not literalist o Science served religion so its findings were taken as revelations of Gods planIf you really want to explain reality you need to have an understanding of revolutionary theoryyDarwin is credited with the theorybut was not the first to think of ity o Older generations saw that animals evolved but did not understand how o Darwin was interested in explaining the wide variety of life forms that existed o Darwin came up with the theories of natural and sexual selection 5 components of Darwins Evolution by Natural Selection 1 More offspring are born than survive to reproduce a Many animals diewhich is a good thing because our world would be covered in animals 2 Individual vary on different traits 3 Certain traits are more likely to pass on offspring via genes
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