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Sex and Agression: Week 9

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Brock University
Child and Youth Studies
Anthony Volk

CHYS 2P10 Lecture 9 Sex and Aggression Dr Tony Volk tvolkbrockuca Tonythe Text The text and I have some serious disagreements over the following content For the purposes of this course I am right Defining SexGenderSexy o A physcial component o A persons biological identity o Genetic o Why do we have 2 sexes o Chromosomes physical identity and hormonesGendery o A component of identityo A persons social and cultural identityThe two are typically strongly correlatedy Why Have Two SexesThis is THE fundamental questionare the two sexes simply cultural constructsyObviously not sex is geneticySo then the obvious question is why have two sexesy Five Components of Darwins Evolution by Natural Selection 1 More offspring are born than survive to reproduce 2 Individual vary on different traits 3 Certain traits are more likely to pass on offspring via genes 4 Offspring likely inherit those traits 5 Environmental conditions have changed leading to new speciesThe Meaning of LifeWe know the biological meaning of lifeyIt is simply to pass on ones genes to future generationsyEvolutionary Fallaciesy oSurvival of the fittestfitness in biology meansoffspring evolution is really survival of those who produce the most successful lineagesNot about happy harmony or benefit of speciesbut the benefit of the individualyNo direction in improving the direction of animalsy o Naturalisticwhatever is natural is good
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