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Culture and Media

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Child and Youth Studies
Anthony Volk

Based on Chapter 16 Culture and MediaMore than 98 of Canadian homes have one or more TV sets y Children between 211 watch 153 hours of TV week y By age 18 more time spent watching TV than any activity but sleeping y Boys watch more TV than girls do y TV LiteracyTV literacy is the ability to understand the meaning of TV shows eg not real y Knowing that when the bad guy gets shot its fake blood etcyDevelopment of TV literacy yo Piecemeal understanding in young childrenActions remembered rather than goals y Fictional aspect not understood yo Problem kids shows are targetted to kidsfor most of the show the character is bad then at the end they finally realize that they have done something bad and then they apologize o The problem is that children only pay attention to first 20 minutes the part where character is bad o See the negative aspects not the goal Middle childhood and adolescencey o Interpret production features o Recognize intentTV Benefitsy o Can TV contribute to development o Sesame Street developed specifically tosocial behaviour and cognitive skills of disadvantaged children o Skills emphasizedCountingyRecognizingdiscriminating numberslettersyClassifying objectsySimple problemsolvingy o Benefits are limited but greatest in low SES SchoolsDeterminants of effective schoolyComposition of the student bodyy o What area of town students are coming from rich versus poor o Money for resources athleticsSchool climatey o General atmosphere of the schoolScholastic atmosphere Academic emphasis challenging curricula classroom management ydiscipline teamworkWhat makes a good school a good schooly Aboriginal StudentsSchoolAboriginal children fare less well in schoolyMuch higher risk for school difficulties y
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