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Lecture 6

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Child and Youth Studies
Lauren Mc Namara

1. Zygote is a single celled fertilized egg that means what in Greek? - Yolked together 2. DNA tells the cells what function to specialize in… for example a ner cell, bone cell, hair cell, brain cell. Your DNA actually does this by telling - the nutrients where to go 3. How does heredity affect something like personality? - Affects children’s reactivity and ability to regulate their thoughts, emotions, and reactions 4. The difference between an identical twin and a ferternal twin is that an identical twin is created when … - same egg separates into 2 5. In twin studies, identical twins scored most similar on … - physical characteristics: height, eye colour, hair colour - intelligence and personality is 50/50 (not as strongly genetic) 6. The range of reaction principal: what is it? - Genes set boundaries for range of phenotypes based on the environment 7. Genetic temperamental predispositions initiate a trajectory path that … - can be tempered, mediated, altered by environment/experiences 8. Teratogens are … - agents such as viruses, drugs, and chemicals, radiation that can harm a developing fetus 9. What parts of the body are the first to reach true adult size? - Hands and feet 10. Synaptogenesis is to neuron as … - texting is to a teen 11. Myelin is to experience as … - myelin is the fatty substance that wraps around and makes for more effective communication and you need lots of myelin, and that comes from experience to therefore … - food to teenage boys 12. Neural pruning is to brain development as … - Artist is to canvas - pruning is the ‘use it or lose it’ 13. Cognition is … - knowing, thinking 14. Assimilation and accommodation are … - attempts at cognitive equilibrium 15. Schema is to learning as … - script is to movie - schema is literally like a script. The idea to have a basic understanding of something, and when new information comes in we add it. 16. Which of Piaget’s stages is a small boy in a robin costume in (3 years old)? - Preoperational 17. A Piaget teacher who uses lots of hands on, concrete experiments is likely a teacher of ______ children - Preschool 19. Constructivism is to learning as … - milk is to a cow, builders are to homes, owners are to restaurants 20. Vygotsky would say that language is to learning like … - pencil is to paper 21. The zone of proximal development is … - Vygotsky’s description of the difference between what a learner can accomplish alone and with the guidance of a more skilled partner 22. Which of the following is a teaching strategy associated with constructivism? - Inquiry and project based learning Information processing  Human mind similar to computer: limited capacity, hardware, software  Model of the flow of information in thinking  Information flows in three main stores: - sensory store: when information from out in the environment goes in for us to detect it and make sure that its there. - Short term store: if we can remember it. This store can register a lot of information but only very briefly. Holds information temporarily; executes operations on information. - long term store: if we process and keep it  Multisore model: a schematic model of the human information processing system. Learners who have very elaborate techniques and strategies are the ones who do well in school however this takes a lot of time.  What neural process facilitates quicker processing through this system? - The strategies we use to push thi
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