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Child and Youth Studies
John Mc Namara

CHYS 2P15J McNamara Lecture Notes Nov 15 2013 th Term paper due in 2 weeks Friday November 29 Both sections a and b together Cover sheet on sakai Submit to sakai 2 pages for each section 4 pages total reference if needed lectures and readings no formal APA ex Referencing guidelines on sakai Vulnerable Youth Todays topic will relate to us because we work with youth in our placement and it will relate to us because university is a stressful timeWho are vulnerable youthWhat does vulnerable mean Framed mostly around mental health Mental Health LiteracyDepressionAnxietySchizophreniaBipolarEating disordersEtc Vulnerable Susceptible to injuryattack Vulnerable people are susceptible to injury or attack physical or emotional injury Think about a risk continuum kids go through periods where they are more vulnerable to something then other periods where they are not vulnerable This depends on things such as being alone or being in a peer group ect VulnerableResearchers have repeatedly found that certain stressors during childhood and adolescence create challenges for healthy development into adulthood Stress isnt bad but repeated exposure to stressors tend to make children vulnerable Kids dont know how to deal with stressors and there are symptoms that relate to stress such as nausea a cold If youve found a kid thats stressed how do you alleviate that stressHistory of abuseUnstable home environmentTemperamentMental health Children and Youth Mental Health
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