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Brock University
Child and Youth Studies
John Mc Namara

CHYS 2P15Community Service LearningLecture notes Friday Oct 11 2013 Youth engagement and leadershipWe will be the leaders of our community at some pointWe will also be the policy makers in some way shape or form Craig KielburgerLeadership at a local global classroom or international levelPsychology of Youth Development Surveyed youth on 16000 random moments of daily experience4300 27 of the moments were feeling boredtheres nothing to doalgebra sucksIm always bored on SundaysetcHow does initiative developAre Leaders bornRemember CHYS 1F90IQTemperamentEnvironmentHow leadership develops so people like Martin Luther King can develop to great influential peopleIntelligence temperament and experience molds leaders leadership can be learnedHow does initiative develop3 factorsIntrinsic motivationWanting to be doing and activity and invested in itYou engage in the activity because of the reward of you engaging in the activity This is what we would love to capture in schools but it is not there yetWhen you feel motivated by the task itself you are more likely to engage in itConcerted engagement in the environmentA real environment that characterized external realityOver timeSticking to itWhen these factors come into play kids gain initiative and this leads kids to natural leadership Class experiances have low intrinsic motivation but high concentrationPlaying with friends have high intrinsic motivation but low concentrationHow does initiative developSchool environment is not conducive to the development of initiativeNot critical of schools Constraints on teachersStandardized testingThe race to the topEtcTeachers are constrained by curriculum which doesnt leave much time for developing initiative Kids are intrinsically motivated by sports arts hobbies and organizations and it also takes a lot of concentration There are examples of activities that work so then the question when we go back to schools is how do we pull that back into the school system
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