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CHYS 2P35 - September 26

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Brock University
Child and Youth Studies
Ayda Tekok- Kilic

CHYS 2P35September 26 2013Chapter 6 Anxiety DisordersWhat is the difference between normal fear and anxiety intensity duration cognitive aspectsexceeds the boundaries of reality interference of daily tasks reality side fear may not be long lasting no worry component may not interfere with daily tasks anxiety intensity may fluctuate depending on the worry of the person and the environment they are in duration is mostly chronic for example GAD is always there interferes with daily tasks this is a criteriaAnxiety as an Internalizing Disorderrelated to problems within the self uses self related coping strategies feeling guilty the self as a frame of reference internalizing problems anxiety mood disorders somatic complaints physiological symptoms no physiological reason for it children seem to deal with these problems internally rather than acting out Definition of Anxiety and Components of Anxiety extreme fear worry related to perceived danger three components of anxiety cognitiverelated to the event uncontrollably unpredictability related to personal coping negative evaluations constant worry the way I interpret things physiologicalincreased vigilance misinterpret things biases cognitive biases hyperresponsiveness sympathetic nervous system arousal something ambiguous is always interpreted in a negative way behaviouravoidance decreasing anxiety by not facing the situation negative reinforcement will maintain anxious behaviour if anxiety is not treated it can lead to problems in academic lifeproblems in social lifelow selfesteemalcoholdrug abusework related problemsanxiety or mood disordersPrognosisDSMIV TR categorizations of Anxiety disorderssimple phobiaselective mutismsocial anxiety disorder social phobia generalized anxiety disorderobsessive compulsive disorderpanic disorder with and without agoraphobia
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