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Child and Youth Studies
Ayda Tekok- Kilic

CHYS 2P35 Lecture Outline Chapters 6 & 7 Anxiety and Mood Disorders October 1, 2012 Anxiety Disorders 2- 3 components of anxiety Physiological Cognitive Behavior 3-Anxiety disorders classified in DSM-IV TR (I will talk about them briefly but I don’t have slides for each one of them) Separation anxiety disorder Simple phobia Social anxiety disorder (social phobia) Generalized anxiety disorder Obsessive compulsive disorder Panic disorder (with/without agoraphobia) Post-traumatic stress disorder Acute stress disorder 4- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Obsessions (thoughts, images, impulses) Compulsions (behaviours) Trajectories Age of onset Multiple co-morbidities Chronic Best practice is cognitive behavioural interventions 5-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Exposure to a traumatic event. 3 main symptoms (also seen in acute stress disorder) Intrusive symptoms Avoidance symptoms Hyperarousal Symptom presentation of PTSD in very young children Fear of strangers/family members. General avoidance Traumatic play Regressive behavior 6- Developmental trajectories of anxiety disorders (overall) Developmental trajectories of these disorders vary. Anxiety symptoms may improve with age. Some anxiety disorders are more stable over time (e.g. social/specific phobias). Some anxiety disorders are more chronic (e.g. OCD, PTSD if the trauma is long lasting) Anxiety disorders develop gradually. Symptom severity and intensity changes. Children with anxiety disorders will have comorbidities 7- Etiology and intervention Family/parenting factors Temperament Biological vulnerability Specific neurobiological p
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