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Child and Youth Studies
Jenny Janke

PagethCHYSSOCI 2P38 Date May 6 20141Lecture Title Course IntroductionChildhood and Youth complicated CategoriesTo Ponder Problematizing TermsAWhy should we avoid or be careful with the word societyDoes it say too much at once and not enough It is over used Because it is easy to say that society thinks society forces It is not contextualized when it needs to be contextualized BDo the concepts of childhood and youth sufficeIn childhood young people or youth todayOver arching sweeping statement that does not contextualizeCWhat are these categories based onAre they based simply on age or hard and fast about what happens cognitively to young people for example when you are 18 you are no longer a child you are now an adultDThey are important starting points but not necessarily universal We cant say that these categories youth and childhood fit all They arent a one size fits all so we have to think through them Starting points but not finishing pointswe have to contextualize it allERace class sexuality critical categories of analysis on there own and forms of power and privilege All of us at times are privileged by certain social categories and at other times some of us are likely to feel not privileged and powered There fluentity in terms of power and privilegeFThey are not more than merely add ons for understandingWe really need to push easier said than done to think in terms of Intersectionality at all times Never want it to feel like an add on to the discussion or topic GPrivilege and social categories structure realities in a real way material access to rights and as a form of privilege There are real privileges to class race etcMaterialistic thingsAccess to real power and access to rights these are forms of privileges Rights should not be based on the type of privilege you have but often thats the way that it works out Introduction 1Lecture goal discuss concepts associate with childhood and adolescence and to provide a common language 2Childhood adolescence youth are not static terms not one universal definition
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