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Child and Youth Studies
Jenny Janke

Page1CHYSSOCI 2P38 May 13 2014Lecture Title Doing GenderGender An Introduction1 Gender is a central component of our selfidentityIt is how we begin defining ourselves How do we define who we are I am a women of this age I am a man of this age etcCentral component of who we areAnything we sign up for it will ask our gender malefemale manwomenOnly two countries Australia Germany in the world that dont require you to declare malefemale on passportsthey have actually made space for a third gender 2 Gender is one of the most pervasive organizing factors in our social worldSo much of what we do is based on malefemale boygirl manwomen we dont even notice it sometimes 3 A stratifying and dividing concept the values we assign to different genders is troublingWe have not only divided male or female we have actually valued the two differently There is more culture power given to one side of the binary Devaluing and over valuing that actually the troubling part Its one thing to have the division but the devaluing and over valuing is heavily problematic And it is used to justify inequality 4 The basis for many of the unequal divisions in our world5 Ability race class sexuality intersect with gender Gender only lensapproach is insufficient Also look from an intersexual point of view and see that race is not just added onto gender but it actually defines gender Dont just talk about racism or sexism instead we should talk about racist sexism Using an intersexual point of view when we are looking at the experiences of young people6 Gendered attitudes limit us ie Boys will be boysGirls cant do math Women are naturally caregivers Real men dont cryGender attitudes exist these attitudes arent just people saying them and they dont mean anything they actually have material consequences For example if you do not teach or encourage young girls to do math or if we saying things like girls arent usually as good at math as boys are it just doesnt end there somebody said that and they are just a fool and they dont know anything But actually the lessons learned by young girls are thatI dont really need to do math Im not encouraged to do math math is not for me A whole generation of girls may grow up thinking that they cant do math We know better paying jobs are in the sciences and math But if we teach a whole generation that you cant do math we have just eliminated a whole potential for them Or we say that women are natural caregiversthis justifies the unequal division of labour in the homeWhen you pull out one gender from a discipline then we have a very unequal discipline and the ramifications are long term And the material difference is astronomical So its not only an attitude but it is a material difference Or we say real men dont cry or we say to young boys suck it up we are saying to them be a man you have to keep going dont cry and automatically that lesson is learned Those are some of the expressions or gendered attitudes 7 We experience and demonstrate a range of the qualities to limit ourselves is damagingAs human beings we experience a range of emotions and qualities so to limit anyone to one is really narrowing We are cutting off for young people a whole range of beings and experiences
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