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Jenny Janke

CHYSSOCI 2P38 May 8 2014Lecture Title Thoughts on a Global ChildhoodIntroduction 1We need to think about childhood adolescence in various contexts Is a category that is too specific and not specific enough Some aspects of youth and childhood are universal Heavily depended on context Cannot say ALL children have the same experience ofYou have to think about geography race class gender etc 2Wells 2009 argues childhood is socially constructed p 2Interesting argument We often think gender for example is socially constructed there is no inherit natural or preexisting gender of masculinity or femininity Wells is saying that childrens lives are not universally understood 3 Meaning social forces shape childrens livesEconomic political cultural mediaChanging concept of thefamily families used to be quite large now they are very small4 No universal experiences of childhood yet universal features of childhood exist5 For example children require food shelter love attention physical needs require being met etcThese are universal featuresbut they speak to a universal experience Social forces can shape experiences but everyone has universal features 6 Example infants are highly dependent on adults as are toddlers and young children Infants can do very little without an adultSo that would be a feature but not linked to the experience Economic Influences 1 The economic mode of production of a nation ie socialist capitalist and economic policies directly impact childrens and adults lives Long history of children working and being involved in the labour force The way that our economy works the structure of it and the nature of the economy impacts our livesmaterial reality 2 Example During the IR of the 19th century children were seen as a cheap source of labour and coveted as suchEmployers thinking that they can pay children far less If you owned a business and you wanted to make moneyin the emerging economy and you wanted to make the most profitchildren were a cheap source of labour also you could legally pay women less 3 Example post WWII economic boom late 1940s and 1950sHuge economic boom after the 1940s and 1950s The first suburb was developed in the 1950 The concept of teenager emerged
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