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Brock University
Child and Youth Studies
Jenny Janke

PageCHYSSOCI 2P38June 3 20141Lecture Title YouthMoral PanicsRemindersWriting Pointers for Film Analysisuse precise wordsconceptually accurate terms economic forces vs societyState your point clearly and concislelyCreate powerful sentences use the active voice present not pastIntroduction1Moral panic is a sociological term used both in daytoday discussion and academically 2Moral panics are used in political discussions to generate policy formation and as part of media coverage etc3Due to the familiarization with the term it is used by politicians journalists when discussing issues or politicians 4 MPs result in fear sense of threat often strong negativehyperbolic reactions to events5When an event seems outside the range of normal A moral panic is often created6What is new is the term MP but panics themselves are not7Moral panics includedwitch hunts threat of immigrants to Canadian values impacts of urbanization on youth Whiteslave trade impact of punkrap music etc8 Youth have often been targets of moral panics9What has changed is our access to moral panics due to technological changes access 10Be wary of moral panics often media created threats
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