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Brock University
Child and Youth Studies
Jenny Janke

Page1CHYSSOCI 2P38June 5 2014Lecture Youth and Public PolicyIntroduction1 Since the mid 1800s the state has intervened in the lives of young people in the West2 Introduction of specific legislation compulsory education justice welfare etc3 The state has also intervened in the lives of youth by creating youthspecific institutions FACs schools childrens hospital etc4 The state acts as a regulator in many activities of young people ie how late a young person can be out after midnight age of consent etc5 The state plays a role in the lives of young people Young people have a history of resisting the state6 Policy is often about intersection intervention and innovation via state tools Require money information legislation7 Youth policy refer to specific understandings approaches methods related to systemic youth issues Local provincial federal8 As of January 2013 of 198 countries 99 50 have a current youth policy9 A further 56 28 are revising their existing or in a few cases developing their first national youth policy10 A total of 43 states 22 have no youth policy yet Canada does not have a national youth policy11 Countries which do include Columbia Costa Rica BoliviaJordan Nepal Belgium etc12 Areas of focus education safety employment welfare health environment justice the media violence sexuality13 Futurity the belief that the state has a critical role in helping young people become independent complete capable human beings14 Think about the intersectionality of youth race SES gender sexuality age urbanrural Policy Where Youth Are 1 Education policy and employment policy have been constant for Canadian youth2 Education key role is to make good citizens3 Educational policy does this through creating and implementing curriculum creating school specific dress codes discipline procedurespolicies assigning gradescriteria etc4 Employment policies set student minimum wages etc but also seeks to train young workers for the future labour market Addressing Complexities
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