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Child and Youth Studies
Jenny Janke

CHYSSOCI 2P38thDate June 12 2014Lecture Title Misguided fears children youth stranger danger and the public realmIntroduction1Childrens and youths access to public space is mediated by gender race class2 Young males have more access to the public realm3 Example parents will allow male children less restricted access to public space to play explore etc 4 Young black males and Aboriginal youth may face racial harassment in the public realm5 Young women learn that the public realm may be a site of danger particularly sexual danger6 Fears about the public realm are not unfounded in many ways violenceharassment in the public realm reminds young women visible minorities same sex couples that their presence is not always welcome7 One of the most increasing fears parents the media schools is that of abduction and stranger kidnappings8 Not the reality nor the true threat to children9 Why Who is responsible What does this teach young people about autonomy Freedom Access to public spaceMissing Children in Canada1 Most missing children are not the victims of stranger or even parental abductions2 According to the RCMP figures regarding missing children in 2007 60582 children were reported missing nationwide and 21293 children were missing in the province of Ontario3 Over 46100 of these missing children were considered runaway4 Stranger or nonfamily abductors committed 56 of these abductions less than 1 of all missing children5 Parental abductions accounted for 285 of the missing children also less than 1 of all missing children6 Reasons that children vanish include wandering off 576 and accidents 33 where a body has not been found and the disappearance is considered an accident eg disappeared while boating skiing etc7 The RCMO could not explain the disappearance of 11216 missing children in Canada and causes of their absence are considered unknown8 According to INTERPOL studies indicate that nonfamily abductors tend to look for children between the ages of 0 and 10 and the ages of 14 and 15
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