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January 12, 2012 Lecture 1
Professor Rebecca Raby
Office Hours:
Thursdays 2-3pm
Fridays 2-3pm
Or by appointment
Professor John McNamara
Office hours: Wednesdays 12-1pm
Reading responses
Key quote- pick a key quote from each reading that captivates the reading. Explain
how this quote represents the rest of the reading.
Comparison- takes the 2 readings and find something they have in common, and
something that differs between them.
Question- only has to engage with one reading. Develop one question that you have
with the reading. (Discussion question, clarification question if confused, critical question
to see what the reading is saying)
How they are similar:
-Must hand in five, but can hand in a sixth
-5% of final grade
How they are different
-No separate lecture and seminar readings
-Maximum of 200 words
-Must hand in two before the midterm!
Midterm assignment: Due March 1st and 2nd
Final exam: same structure as last term
Powerpoint notes Wednesdays by 8pm
Content Shifts
New set of lenses, different ways to look at every situation
A socio cultural perspective- disciplinary influences, context, social policy/action,
critical lens, constant thought on power and inequality
Studies how we think about childhood adolescence and youth historically and
cross culturally
Considers how social institutions and policy reflect beliefs and young people and
shape their experiences.
Explores how to make broader social change for the better
Examines how childhood is complicated by class, gender, culture, etc.
Examines how some young people benefit more then others
Key paradigms
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