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Lecture 6

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Child and Youth Studies
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Rebecca Raby

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Week 6
Feb 15, 2012
Lecture 6: Global inequality and globalization
I/ Global diversity and inequality
II/ Child work in global context
III/ Maternal and child health
IV/ Global economic policy
V/ Global movement of people
Main points
There are global differences in understandings and experiences of young people
Global inequality contributes to such differences and directly affects young people’s lives
Children’s lives are shaped by local and global political and economic decisions.
I/ Global diversity and inequality
A) Geographic features
B) Religion and culture
C) Internal inequalities
-within nations
-within families
D) Global inequalities: across nations
1) Global income distribution: Charts
2) Global income distribution: From The Hungry Planet (2005) by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio,29307,1626519,00.html#ixzz1lcd41wBw
3) Globalization
Capital and commodities
II/ Child work in a global context
1. General differences between industrialized nations and the global south
-Child work more common in global south
-Link to poverty
-Link to demand for cheap labour
-Lack of supported education
2. E.g. Boudillon, M. 2005. “Working Children in Zimbabwe” Sociological Studies of Children and Youth, 10, pp.7-
Child labour vs work
• Zimbabwe
The African Charter on the Rights of the Child
Similar issues in many other countries, including Pakistan
3. Addressing the situation?
Accessible education
Integrated approach
Children’s say
• Monitoring
Support for parents
4. Internationalization of capital and children’s work
• Multinational expansion

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1Week 6Feb 15 2012Lecture 6Global inequality and globalizationOutlineIGlobal diversity and inequalityII Child work in global contextIIIMaternal and child healthIVGlobal economic policyVGlobal movement of peopleMain pointsThere are global differences in understandings and experiences of young peopleGlobal inequality contributes to such differences and directly affects young peoples livesChildrens lives are shaped by local and global political and economic decisionsIGlobal diversity and inequalityAGeographic featuresBReligion and cultureCInternal inequalitieswithin nationswithin familiesDGlobal inequalitiesacross nations1Global income distributionCharts2The Hungry Planet 2005 by Peter Menzel and Faith DAluisioGlobal income distributionFrom httpwwwtimecomtimephotogallery029307162651900htmlixzz1lcd41wBw3 Globalization Capital and commodities Policies Inequality InformationCulture People
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