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Lecture 7

CHYS 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Single Parent, Child Poverty, Informal Sector

Child and Youth Studies
Course Code
Shauna Pomerantz

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Lecture 7- Globalization, Rights, and Social Realities
Beyond “West is Best”
How do we talk about/help children in the global south without Othering them?
1. Respect culture, history, economy
2. Acknowledge local knowledge
3. Focus on resilience not victimization
The big picture
Children’s lives shaped by global, economic, and political contexts:
Trade, war, law, rights, education
Poverty, work, food, water, health
Globalization: Interconnection of global society
Integration of world’s markets, people, governments
Driven by trade, investment, $$$
Farther, faster, cheaper
Economic context
Investments/trade: global economy, trade deregulation, rich nations exploiting
poor, economic imperialism/inequality
Technological context
Digital age: internet/email, cell phone/texting, facebook, twitter, Instagram,
snapchat, electronic banking, technological revolution
Social context
Profits not people: multinational corps, cheap part time replaceable labour,
“travelling lives,” child labour, migration for work
Pros for young people
Shrinking world: world awareness, global belonging, anyone can succeed (?),
American dream (?)
“Twitter Revolution”
E-protests: social media as power, mobilization, global youth movements
Occupy Wall Street: We the 99% (2011)
Youth at the forefront
Against unjust distribution of wealth
Corporate power over government
Wealthiest 1% seen as too powerful, unaccountable
Cons for young people: Eroding safety net
Clinics, shelters, schools, programs
Welfare/EI cuts
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