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Lecture 3

CHYS 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Child Labor Laws In The United States, Michel Foucault, Free Lunch

Child and Youth Studies
Course Code
Shauna Pomerantz

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Teenage Wasteland: Sex, Violence, and Other Youth Moral Panics
The story of adolescence
What key traits are associated with adolescence?
How are they ”typed”?
Paradigms of thought
Modernist paradigm: suggest there is a truth in the world that we can all discover
Truth is out there
Something can be proven absolutely
Developmental psych/science
Last term – a historical look
‘Teenageras modern invention:
Child labor laws
Compulsory schooling
= Youth culture
Paradigms of thought
Post-modern paradigm: what you see depends on how you look
‘Truth’ is constructed
Reality is subjective
Knowledge is partial, limited
Social construction shapes ”reality”
Michel Foucault
French historian and philosopher (20th C):
Traced the history of ideas and knowledge
How do ideas circulate?
What constrains the things that can be said and done?
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