CHYS 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Neural Development, Frontal Lobe, Teratology

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1. CHYS 1F90- Conceptualizing Learning Disabilities and
Other Exceptionalities
November 4
In Canadian society, special education is based on ideas about normative
and non-normative development
Educators are taught to expect variation in their students
To expect a pattern of strengths and weaknesses that is reflective of
individual differences
However, some learning styles/processes fall outside this range of normal
Those students who fall outside the normal range are seen to need special
There is an area of research that focuses of the study of exceptionality
oWithin that area one approach is disability studies
Disability Studies
oAddresses exceptionality in its social and political settings
oMain focus is the dynamic interaction between bodily
impairments, social and physical environments and the factors that
influence participation of people with disabilities in society
Dually Diagnosed  a new term referring to children with 2 disabilities
such as deafness and blindness
Mild Disorders  Students with intellectual differences (learning
disabilities, communication disorders)
Behaviour Disorders  include a wide range of disorders (conduct
disorders, anxiety and withdrawal, ADHD, socialized aggression)
Sensory Disabilities  includes students with auditory impairments or
visual problems
Gifted  includes students who are gifted, talented, creative
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