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CHYS 2P15 Lecture Notes - Achievement Gap In The United States, Geoffrey Canada, Charter School

Child and Youth Studies
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John Mc Namara

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Child and Youth Studies
Dr. J. McNamara
Feb 12 & 15, 2013
School Reform
School Reform
Political process with the goal of improving public education
- reform is a systems level issue
- If we were to reform our school board, we would be improving education
Even small improvements have resulted in large social returns
Health, well being, financial, etc.
- not just in school and in the classroom, but in health, jobs, etc.
Meager Results
Meager Results
Not for a lack of resources…
Not for a lack of resources…
$4 billion “Reach for the Top” grants, etc.
- Lots of money spent to increase scores, but nothing increased (grants, scholarships, etc.)
Classroom demographics
Student population since 1970 has increased by 8%
Number of teachers rose by 61
Student / Teacher ratio dropped from 27-to-1 in 1970 to 15-to-1 in 2008
- decreased the ratio of kid to teacher significantly, spent lots of money to do so, but
aren’t seeing the results they hoped for
Number of children attending preschool has increased from 11% to 63%
So why the meager results?
So why the meager results?
Education reformers have yet to discover transformative changes in curriculum or the way it is
Especially for vulnerable schools and communities (inner city)
So why the meager results?
So why the meager results?
Ineffective Teachers
Emotional environment: what was needed was a connection between the teacher and
their students; empathy, understanding (an emotional connection between
teacher and student that shows care for how well the students do) The kids who
felt that their teachers cared essentially did better on their work.
Teacher skill
Teacher motivation
Student participation; student engagement in the classroom
Rules and grades; students have say in this
- even kids in low SES communities are active, are capable, and this is what
makes an effective teacher
Unmo vatedd learnerss
Con nuinggthee cyclee
Don’tt likee
Don’tt workk
Don’tt doo welll
- ineffective teachers do this to their students
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